Onyx is a self taught artist born and raised in the east end of london where he still lives and works today.

Art revealed itself to him a few years ago after an accident left him in a coma for several weeks and a year in recovery, Onyx turned to Art as a means of therapy and a way of expressing maybe what he had been through sub-consciously.

A memory of the future is only possible if you have been there and an Onyx piece seeks to take you there. An abstract reality built from discarded objects regain new purpose, they are no longer a toy to be played with or a classical figure to be admired but now they are a means to evoke a deeper memory.

Onyx has an obsession to create moments from our future from tiny fragments of our past, each object he uses is aimed to take you the viewer on your own personal journey as you are sucked into his alternative reality.
Themes of metamorphosis and transformation are the cycle and growth of an Onyx piece crossing boundaries between what is familiar and what is not.

Onyx Artworks

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